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HOT PEPPERS is what Hot-Peppersrus.com specializes in. We sell a variety of hot pepper products including but not limited to....
  • Ghost pepper powder also known as Naga Jolokia powder and Bhut Jolokia powder
  • Ghost pepper Hot Sauce also known as Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce and Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce
  • Ghost pepper Pods
  • Scorpion pepper powder
  • Scorpion pepper Hot Sauce
  • Scorpion pepper Pods
  • Habanero pepper
  • Chocolate pepper
  • Yellow Fatali Pepper Powder
  • 7 pot peppers
  • Pods, grow your own kits, powders
  • and more plus a variety of combinations!
Our Great Brands we sell include popular brands such as TITAN, Volcanic peppers, Dave's gourmet, NSL Magic Plant and more! We sell these brands in a variety of styles such as hot pepper powder, whole pepper pods, tasty sauces and even kits with seeds so you can grow your own! Surf around our site and see why so many people keep coming back and why we are #1 in hot pepper sales on the internet. Our products are 100% quality.
Hot and hotter peppers